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Be never in the street!

Demystification on the hosting...
So that a web site is visible any time, it is necessary whether it is hosting on a computer connected permanently to the Internet network. It is what we call a server.

Boomerang Multimedia, thanks to its volume of hosting negotiated very attractive prices for our customers and allows you to benefit from it.
The price of the hostings varies according to several parameters:
- The weight (in Mega Octets) of your web site,
- The traffic generated by your site (the influx of the visitors),
- The various proposed options: databases, scripts, etc.

Let us make...

If you do not feel at ease with the technology of hosting, no problem, we take care of everything.

We can take care of the reservation of your domain name (the address of your web site), and advise to you for a sensible choice of hosting.

Before choosing your host, inquire, please, on the offered services!
It is not rare to find offers which seem very tempting side price, but for a very random work.

It would be necessary it's a pity to have a magnificent web site, but visible once on four because your host has old servers often out of order.
Would you rent an apartment which you could reach only every two days? Would you rent an housing into which your furniture would not go?

To choose a good host, it is the continuation of the choice of a good designer of web site!


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