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 La Montagne Newspaper (France)

Clermontois creates the directory of the world basketball on Web

The world basketball holds from now on its "directory", where all the actors or passionate with the orange ball can cross themselves free of charge. On the initiative of, Clermontois Xavier Delarue.

Code name: "wdbb". Hardly seemed, already very wide-spread... Basketball players, basketball players women, assistants and physical assistants, coaches, fans and even agents: welcome to!
"You, your profile, your luck"

And it is true thanks to Xavier Delarue, formerly player clermontois and managing director of this "world directory of the basketball" whom it has just invented. Actually, it is the real social network that it is a question. With the social in the first sense of the term because if the site favors the exchanges opened to the infinity between enthusiasts of the orange ball, he also wants a bank of data, profiles, classified ads. It is not moreover neutral that "wdbb" chooses as subtitle "Find your light".

"Find your light": of the basic, technical, physical advice, in the career plan: "I come from the basketball of street, I knew all the levels, amateurs in pros. I am atypical but I know what we feel when we feel in bad adventure, isolated, which the telephone does not sound. And I say myself, that at a moment of my career, I would certainly have liked having the opportunity to build up to myself a circle of persons who can help me to evolve and to make certain choices", explains Xavier Delarue.

The project, thrown after 8 months of rigorous work, (with Jesse Bataille, a French webmaster living in Canada) so that this shop window is, of entrance, the most complete possible, has in any case, at once found its place on the painting: "the big advantage of this site, it is because every member, thanks to an internal messaging, can request who he wants. The whole without limitations, nor geographical or of contacts, the set being totally free!"

In one month, it counts already 400 members: "It is unhoped-for!", is delighted all the more Xavier Delarue, as "The idea was very well welcomed by the big Web sites of the environment of the basketball that are "Basketball current event" or "Wrestling and shot", surprised with such a project and even surprised as comes a guy as me. "But I, I adore surprising!"

And if, making it, Xavier Delarue allows many to avoid unpleasant surprises … Where from, this summary of praiseworthy one begun by his very creator: "in fact, wdbb, it is you and your profile, you and your luck!"


Jean-Philippe Béal

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